Geoff Oliver Bugbee ( b.1971 ) is an American freelance photographer, multimedia journalist and visual consultant for global health NGOs and international relief agencies. For over twenty years he has filed images, stories and video footage from remote outposts in over fifty countries including Bhutan, Mongolia, Haiti, Sierra Leone, DR Congo and Rwanda. His ink-filled passports are among his most cherished possessions.  

Exploring the complexities of blindness through photographing eye surgery while compiling visual stories, clinical case studies and comprehensive image archives for some of the world's leading blindness prevention agencies, he continues a life-long commitment to the worldwide sight restoration movement. 

Geoff explains, "Somewhere back in the era of analog photography, I realized the critical role vision would play in the trajectory of my life ... how fundamental eyesight would be going forward as a socially concerned photographer. It was a simple observation but it sort of shook the core and cleared the path ahead to work for others who struggle to see." 

Geoff's recent clinical and editorial work has appeared in The New York Times, Huffington Post, National Geographic Books, Fast Company magazine, Readers Digest, USA Today, Forbes, Voice of America and Ophthalmology Today.

Email - geo(at)   |   Tel. - 502.216.8049